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Why Colorado?
My roots are in Jersey—yes, I'm a Jersey girl, born and raised, that's my home. I will always love home, but after spending half of my life in Jersey, I was ready to enjoy a new environment.  So, after traveling for the past 4 years—and, visiting 3 spots in Colorado (Aspen, Evergreen, and Manitou Springs)—my good friend Jon and I decided to explore the beautiful state of Colorado.  And, in September of 2015, Jon and I relocated from Jersey to Colorado. So, for the first 3 months, we were really busy—that is, setting up our home and my office.  Little did I know that there was something about life that was even more fulfilling awaiting, in Colorado.

My Conviction
During our first 3 months in Colorado, we had to focus on unpacking and setting up our home.  But, on weekends, to get away from mondaying chores, we generally found fun things to do—like exploring Colorado, meeting new people, eating out, shopping, and participating in community events.  So mostly, we explored locally—the downtown areas of Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, and Denver. While hanging out downtown, we couldn't help but notice the many homeless people and families—men, women, and children, on the streets—something we rarely experienced in Jersey.  My conviction happened about a couple of weeks after having lunch downtown Colorado Springs, I came home with such a heavy heart.  I mean really heavy.  I began crying, I mean really hard... and praying because I saw people who were in despair, hurting, struggling to live and survive.  It didn't matter at that time how they got there, what mattered most was doing something to help.  I didn't know what at that time—except providing basic necessities to help them while they were on the streets—but I told Jon that we need to start a conversation with homeless people whom we believed were approachable.  We needed to not only do our best to help them, but also "start the conversation"—talk to them to hopefully hear their story and their specific needs.  So I began the conversation.  You see, during all our visits downtown, we would do whatever we could to help—like purchase food, socks, warm hats, give used coats, and share encouraging words—but we immediately realized that the need was much bigger than what we had to offer.  That our resources would only go but so far.  After all, we were living off our savings and both had to find jobs.  But for some reason, my attention was drawn to those who were less fortunate.  I told Jon, what good is it if we only feel sorry for them, but don't put our convictions to action?  He agreed.  I then thought to myself, "Somehow, we will find a way to help."

Let Me Share My Story.

The Love Project Campaign:  "Blessing Bags for the Poor"

About Me
Hi.  It's me, your girl V.  Most of you have known me all my life, others for years, and some are new-comers (for newcomers, feel free to checkout my bio at VeronicaCrawford.com).   It's all good though, because regardless of how long we've known each other, we've managed to connect through this platform for a good cause.  

A Means to an End
​Entrepreneurship Meets Purpose

In 2012, I discovered natural skin care and decided to add natural products to my daily skin care regimen.  I loved the products so much that I found myself interested in launching my own brand of a natural face & body cleanser.  So I did.  But beforehand, I was determined to test the product; and the remarkable thing is that after using Veggie Glam Bar* for only a few months the compliments began rolling in.  Most of my friends and family, including Jon noticed an incredible difference in my skin's tone and texture.  So he started using it too. Two years later, I found myself in the middle of a soft launch for my own brand, VGlamBar.com, offering the product in my spare time through my Makeover Coach business. To get started, I introduced the product to friends, family, organized home spa parties, and showcased it at local community events.  Everyone that has purchased it, fell in love with it.   Fast forward to 2015: after living in Colorado for only 3 months, I was faced with a strong conviction to help aid homeless & poor families.  I'm in my living room praying.  Asking God how can I help?  What do I have in my hand that would make a difference?  Then, one day, it happened...  the answer came. Being an entrepreneur, I realized that I could utilize Veggie Glam Bar as a catalyst to launch my first charitable project to help homeless and poor families; and, that week, I created The Love Project Blessing Bags for the Poor.  The Love Project, would be birthed from the sales of Veggie Glam Bar, whereas I would use a portion of the sales to provide food, basic necessities, give hope and encouragement to those who are less fortunate.  So, I would start where I live first with hopes of expanding the project throughout the country.  I would also utilize the monies raised for operational costs such as advertising, travel, and administration.  I decided to utilize this product to help aid a good cause, so my work was truly cut out for me.  It was time to build the campaign, spread the word, and sell the product.

Let's Start With You

If each person reading my story would join my campaign and commit to consistently purchasing and using Veggie Glam Bar as their daily cleanser, do you know how many people we would be able to help?!  What an incredible impact and difference we would make together.  After all, everybody needs a daily cleanser, right?  So in essence, it wouldn't take any extra money from your pocket then you are currently spending on an annual basis for your daily skin care needs. Ok, well maybe a few of you would spend a tad bit more, but the benefits are incredible!   I've had my share of using pricey skin cleansers from those high-end stores that we all know of.  After all, many of them have tons of chemicals and animal by-products as ingredients; and, aren't environmentally safe anyway.  

How You Can Help
Start with your order of Veggie Glam Bar, let people see the difference on your skin, then order for everyone in your own household, and remember as a birthday and holiday gift idea for friends and loved ones throughout the year.  It’s that simple!  The amazing thing is that you win both ways.  There’s nothing like knowing that you are contributing to a charitable project that helps aid humanity and at the same time, achieving healthy-glowing skin!  As a Makeover Coach and Beauty Advisor, I educate women and men in achieving healthy-glowing skin, and with 30 years’ experience in the industry, I'm aware of the best beauty products on the market; and Veggie Glam Bar is one face & body cleanser you’ve got to try!  Try it for 6 months... Your skin will NEVER be the same!

Help Us Spread the Word
Love spreads the word!  Share my story, and like/connect with us on InstaGram (BestBeautyMakeovers), Facebook (The Love Project Campaign Blessing Bags for the Poor), and your Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.  Purchase Veggie Glam Bar for yourself and as gifts for your family and friends... The possibilities are limitless!  When posting use #TheLoveProjectCampaignBlessingBagsforthePoor

How Businesses, Talk Shows,
Organizations can help
If you own a business—you can help too, request our wholesale price list to get this product in your store or purchase as give-a-ways for your talk show audience.  Complete our contact us form and we'll contact you to get you started.

How Personalities and Organizations can help
Participating organizations or if you have influence as a personality--you can support us and help distribute to your community! Complete our contact us form and we'll contact you to get you started.  

Participating businesses, organizations, talk shows and/or brands who support this campaign will receive a write-up inside BIVIStyleMagazine.com with a link to their website.  The name of the business will also be printed on each blessing bag.

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